Having co-located paint systems, whether they are next door to our customers, or inside a customer’s plant, provides the customer with convenience, and management expertise they otherwise would not have.

The Crown Group strategically participates in "co-located" plants with Tier One customers where demand warrants such an arrangement. Up front design and system engineering ultimately result in many benefits for our customers. Among these benefits are:

  • Customers avoid large capital expense for a paint system. Capital monies can be invested in core manufacturing processes. Crown will design, build, finance and manage the coating system.

  • Inventory (WIP) cost reductions by having an “in-house” or “dedicated” system.

  • Freight, logistics, and warehouse savings.

  • Improvements in inventory management and accuracy, delivery and overall customer satisfaction.

  • Improvements in Tier One price competitiveness.

  • Post paint operations can be easily performed, thus avoiding additional shipping and logistics costs.

The Crown Group sales team will also assist to fill open capacity in these co-located facilities.


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