The Crown Group is dedicated to supporting research in the finishing industry

The Crown Group is a proud member of these fine organizations:

The Electrocoat Association
The Electrocoat Association is the pivotal force in positioning electrocoating as a primary coating technology for industrial finishers today. The Association leads the industry by serving the diverse needs of all members having a direct interest in marketing the benefits of this technology to manufacturers, consumers and the global marketplace.

Through the support and active participation of members, the Association provides a resource to assist members exceed the challenges placed upon their companies and sets the pace for global electrocoat market growth. Members are committed to total quality in their products and services; in the safety of their own and customers’ work forces; and in the protection of the environment.

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The Powder Coating Institute
The Powder Coating Institute is a national non-profit trade association representing the North American powder coating industry. Its web site lists all PCI company members, addresses, contacts, and a brief description of what they offer, including custom powder coater members by state. Also included is information on the benefits of powder coating, a description of PCI publications and materials, and liquid vs. powder cost comparison software, which is available at no charge.

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